Membership in this credit union shall be limited to:

  • Members of the Future Ukrainian-American Aid Association of Detroit, Michigan.
  • Employees of this credit union.
  • Member and immediate families of the foregoing.
  • Any legal entity that is comprised for the most part of the same general group as the membership of the credit union as outlined above.
  • A spouse of a deceased member if accepted into membership prior to remarriage.

A subscribing member shall not be eligible to vote or hold office until one fully paid share is owned. There may be a uniform entrance fee paid on joining the credit union as determined by the board of directors. Applications for membership from eligible persons must be approved by the affirmative vote of a majority of the board of directors. The board of directors may appoint one (1) or more membership officers who shall be members of the credit union, other than a loan officer. A membership officer shall have the power only to approve applicants. The application of any eligible person not approved by the membership officer shall be acted upon by the board of directors.

Applications for membership must be in writing on a form prescribed by the board of directors, and must be signed by the applicant. The authentication of approval of the secretary, or the membership officer, and the date approved shall be appended on all applications. Where one (1) or more membership officers are authorized, each membership officer shall submit to the board of directors a monthly report containing the name and date of approval of all memberships approved. This report shall become a part of the official board of directors minutes.

Please come to one of our office locations to learn more about becoming a member of Ukrainian Future Credit Union.